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Male Leopard Yawning Londolozi Game Reserve South Africa

Addo Elephant Reserve

African Lynx - Caracal

African Orb Spider

Annoyed Lioness

Anything Good in There?

Baby Rhino

Baby Zebra

Bull Elephant -Notten's South Africa

Burchell Zebra

Busy Mama Lion

Cheetah Baby Mala Mala Game Reserve South Africa

Cheetah Brothers-Royal Malewane

Cheetah Male

Cheetah Royal Malewane Game Reserve South Africa

Cheetah after Eating

Cheetahs - South African Royal Malewane

Chobe Chilwero-Okavango Delta -Botswana

Crooked neck Giraffe & ZebraSouth Africa Royal Malewane 20050425A 216-1

Crossing the River

Daytime Leopard Kill Mala Mala Game Reserve South Africa

Elephant Eating in the Okavango Delta -2

Elephant Family-Mala Mala Game Reserve

Elephant Kids South Africa Royal Malewane

Elephant Swimming Okavango Delta Botswana

Elephant feeding- Okavango Delta, Botswana

Elie Baby Notten's Game Reserve South Africa

Elie Baby-Notten's Game Reserve

Elies Goodbye!

Enjoying the View

Giraffe Royal Malelwane

Golden Queen

Helmet head

Hilda Rock Male Lion

Hitching a Ride

Hyena Den

In for a Swim


Leopard - Shumbalala Game Reserve South Africa

Leopard After the Kill-Mala Mala South Africa

Leopard Exiting Tree

Leopard Eyes

Leopard Holding Her Bushbuck

Leopard Notten's Sabi Sands South Africa

Leopard Sabi Sands South Africa

Leopard Yawn

Leopard in the Bush

Let's Rest! Lionesses Londolozi Game Reserve South Africa

Lion Cub Friends

Lion In Need of a Dentist!

Lion Laughter

Lion Notten's South Africa Golden Eyes

Lioness & Her Cub

Lioness Scolding Cub

Lionesses Resting After a Hunt

Lionesses with Giraffe Kill-Mala mala Game Reserve South Africa

Male Kudu

Male Kudu

Male Leopard with Impala Kill

Male Lion Sabi Sands South Africa

Morning Sunbather

Naughty Vervet Monkey

Newborn Antelope

Notten's Leopard

Notten's Reserve South Africa

Nursing the Pride's Cubs

Old Male Lion

Old Male Lion

On Safari

Regal King

Rhino Baby & Mother

Rhino Baby South Africa

Royal malewane game Reserve South Africa- Giraffe


Sasekeli Dreaming


South African Sunset

Strped Mongoonse Botswana

Swimming Elephant

Teenagers at play

The Little One Crosses the Road

The Redhead

Too Many Fights! Giraffe South Africa

Tortoise-South Africa

Vervet Monkey

Vervet Monkey

Yawning Leopard

Zebra Colts

Zebra with Baby